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Technical Analysis 2

Fees: INR 0   Duration: 15 Days

  • Description

    Instructor: Lokesh Sethia (SEBI-reg. Research Analyst)

    Language: Hindi & English

    Hours: 16 Hours

    Demand Online Classroom Session

    Duration: 8 Days (Weekend Classes)

    Course Outline:

    1. v      Detailed introduction to advanced technical analysis

    v  In-depth study of Trend Line Breaks and Breakouts

    v  In-depth study of candlesticks, Reversal Patterns, Continuation           Patterns, and Magic Doji

    v  Strategies to use trend lines for trend identification, support and resistance

    v  Exposure to Fibonacci, RSI, and Moving Averages (MA)

    v  Using unconventional approaches to chart patterns


    Course Content

    Getting Started

    • 1.       Introduction to Course
    • 2.       Opening Free Chat Software
    • a.       Introduction
    • b.       Configuring Software
    •        c.       How to use it?
    • 3.       Summary

    Trading Psychology

    4.       Introduction

    5.       What is the Importance?

    6.       Interference of Emotions

    7.       Controlling your Emotions

    8.       Self-Awareness

    9.       Summary

    Risk Management

    10.   What is Risk Management? – Introduction

    11.   Why is it Important?

    12.   Managing Risk - Strategies

a.       How you can Never Lose Money?

b.       Position Sizing

c.       Risk Reward Ratio

d.       Trade Journal

13.   Summary

Supports & Resistances – The Crux

14.    Meaning & Psychology

15.    Drawing Supports and Resistances Properly

16.    Summary

Candlesticks – The Right Approach

17.    Introduction

18.    Why you should Never Memorize Patterns?

19.    Reversal Patterns (RP)

20.    Continuation Patterns (CP)

21.    The Magic Doji (MD)

22.    Summary

Trend Lines

23.    Introduction

24.    Trend Line Breaks

25.    Trend Lines Patterns

26.    Trend Lines

a.     For Trend Identification

b.     Support and Resistance

c.     As a Reversal Indicator

27.    Summary


28.    Introduction

29.    Magic of Fibonacci

30.    Summary

Moving Averages (MA)

31.    Introduction

32.    Types of Moving Averages

33.    Exponential Moving Average

a.     Introduction

b.     For Trend Identification

c.     Support and Resistance

34.    Summary

Magical RSI

35.    Introduction

36.    [Special] Multiple Time Frame Analysis by Share Market Gurukul Special

37.    Summary

Chart Patterns – Unconventional Approach

38.    Introduction

39.    Continuation and Reversal

40.    Triangles

41.    Wedges

42.    Tops and Bottoms

43.    Head and Shoulders

44.    Summary

The Opportunity – Conflux

45.    Introduction

46.    Using Multiple Time Frames

47.    Combining All the Ingredients

48.    Taking a High Probability Trade

49.    Intraday, Swing, and Positional Setups